Plague Diary #12

Thursday? Yes, it’s thursday. Days, weeks, they don’t really have any meaning a this point. It’s ridiculous. I can’t even do this diary every day, just now and then, it seems as pointless as the days of the week are right now. It seems as though the lockdown in the UK will go on for […]

Plague Diary #11

Monday. I missed a few days. The trouble with blogging daily like this, when there’s this kind of lockdown going on, is that…well, nothing happens. Nothing interesting anyway. Nothing worth reporting in a blog. At least not as far as I’m concerned. Some people are good at introspective writing, putting their thoughts down on the […]

Plague Diaries #10

Tuesday. Sick today. Spent a good chunk of the day asleep. There’s a bit of talk in the media that things might be improving here, that maybe the lockdown is starting to work and results are appearing in the figures. Who knows. Fluctuations are bound to happen, I suppose. My father seem to see it […]

Plague Diaries #9

Monday. A new working day and a new working week. Lockdown makes the repetition of work even more dull, and reinforces the sense of pointlessness. Today was a particularly irritating one because I’ve been moved to work on a project that I didn’t want to go near, which leaves my team and our current project […]

Plague Diaries #8

Sunday. I think. It’s getting pretty hard to remember what day of the week it is now. There is no weekend anymore, not really. Tomorrow I have work, but that just means crawling out of bed to my desk at 8am…ish. Not the same kind of challenge as my usual 5.45am start. It seems redundant […]

Plague Diaries #7

Saturday. It’s Francesca’s birthday today. What a time for a birthday. And it’s not been just the whole pandemic and lockdown thing either, but the weather today has been shitty – all wind and rain. Still, we made the best of it, and hung out all day, playing some video games, and watching Zardoz, one […]

Plague Diaries #6

Friday. End of the first week of lockdown, and of this diary. Sometimes I feel like not doing this anymore, like what’s the point of this? But then I guess the point is irrelevant. I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for me. So I go on. I had a bad night’s sleep. […]

Plague Diaries #5

Thursday. It was another nice day, very sunny, very clear skies. We took a walk in the park nearby as our single allocated period of exercise for the day. People behave oddly, although understandably, I suppose. Everyone is very wary of other people. Yes, we’ve to maintain social distance, but people look at you with […]

Plague Diaries #4

Wednesday. Today I am finally starting to feel like I’m shaking the bug I’ve had for over a week. Not 100% yet, but definitely on the mend. Which is a huge relief. If I’ve had coronavirus and this is me getting over it, then I guess that’s good news. It reminds me of the time […]

Plague Diaries #3

Tuesday. So we’re on lockdown in the UK now. That was announced by the government last night, and not entirely unexpected. No going out except for food, medicine, and one period of exercise a day – how they can police this, I’ve no idea. I went out today for some food shopping and saw plenty […]