Plague Diaries #2

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Monday. Back to working from home today, although no one really seemed to have much enthusiasm. Most schools are now closed, so people with kids are having to look after them at home while trying to work at the same time. The government are talking about more severe measures to tackle the outbreak.

Francesca and I had a long chat today about how stressful this is all beginning to feel. There’s a lot going on, and a lot for us to deal with at the moment. It’s hard. We’re both worried and anxious, and both naturally pre-disposed to feeling that way at the best of times. We are now both feeling unwell, and so of course the question comes up as to whether we should isolate ourselves. Then how would we get our food shopping done? And so it goes.

It’s a very strange feeling. On some level it feels like nothing has really changed. I don’t watch regular TV or follow the news particularly closely, so I’m unaware of what is really going on in the media. I get up, I log on and work, much like any day or working week, I’m just not going into the office. I work from home partly anyway under normal circumstances, so it’s not much of a difference.

And then you catch something, you look outside and see how quiet it is. You see someone wearing a face mask. And you remember. And while you try not to worry, or panic, you realise that this is serious. This is dangerous. And you remember you feel ill.

I worry how the next few months are going to actually go. I’m not concerned about my job, that’s not an issue. But beyond that. The economy, the political future. Things like this lead to elections being canceled. “Emergency measures” being voted in. But we need to be positive, in spite of all of this. Right?

I’m washing my hands.