Plague Diaries #3

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Tuesday. So we’re on lockdown in the UK now. That was announced by the government last night, and not entirely unexpected. No going out except for food, medicine, and one period of exercise a day – how they can police this, I’ve no idea. I went out today for some food shopping and saw plenty of people going about their day. It was very quiet, but I definitely saw no police presence. So I guess they really mean it this time…

Despite the lockdown I am in better spirits. Perhaps speaking to a few people from work today helped. I had a meeting with my line manager, who has actually been pretty good about everything so far. He seems quite concerned that I’m okay, have everything I need at home, that I’m well, etc. I’ve had much worse bosses. I also spoke to my mother, who I haven’t spoken to in about a year. She lives back in Scotland, and with everything going on, I wanted to make sure she was okay. She’s had a pretty shit time in the last…few decades, really. Why I’ve not spoken to her is a long story, and really comes down to me being a bit shit, and just not much of a family person. It isn’t that I don’t care, I just have no impulse to communicate with family constantly. There may be reasons for this.

Francesca and I have started playing some video games to help pass the time and stay occupied and distracted. She’s not a gamer at all, but we’ve a few things we can play together – there’s only so many bad movies we can watch before we’ll be walking out into the empty streets looking for plague. Sometimes we play long RPGs, where I actually play the game and she makes all the decisions, creates the character. Other times, like today, we find something we can couch co-op. Diablo 3 was a favourite for a while, but today we tried Divinity: Original Sin, the first one. It’s a bit awkward on console, but enjoyable enough. We’ll see how it goes. The PC gamer in me is not happy.

My improved mood has led me to feeling better about some writing work. I haven’t really done much of any writing since I finished my last book, but things are beginning to emerge, take shape. It’s my intention to keep posting short pieces on this site – stuff that was either never published, or published and is now no longer available elsewhere. Some of it is probably really crap.

I am still sick though. That’s annoying. How much longer can this fucking go on for? Dealing with isolation, lockdown, constant home working – I can deal with all of that without too much problems, if I were feeling well, but feeling this shitty is making it just awful, and stressful.

So. I am washing my hands.