Plague Diaries #4

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Wednesday. Today I am finally starting to feel like I’m shaking the bug I’ve had for over a week. Not 100% yet, but definitely on the mend. Which is a huge relief. If I’ve had coronavirus and this is me getting over it, then I guess that’s good news. It reminds me of the time when swine flu broke in the UK some years back. For the two weeks leading up to the announcement that it had arrived, I had flu. The day I was better was the day swine flu came to the UK. I either dodged a bullet, or…I had swine flu. Either way, I guess my point is that I survived that. Although yes, this is much, much worse.

Today was at least a pleasant day. The warmest it’s been for a while, and sunny. A perfect day for being locked up indoors. Work was work. Nothing exciting really happening there. I would go into details, but honestly, who cares. I was told what my pay rise was going to be this year, and it’s fair to say I was unimpressed. But I’m lucky to have a job, never mind a pay rise, right now.

Sharp Objects has just started on the TV, something Francesca has put on. I tried to watch it the first time it was on, but found the dialogue so quiet and muffled that I just couldn’t stick it out. It’s a shame, I really liked its style, and visual story telling. maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Not a lot else to say of today. Lockdown and isolation means not a lot happens. My fiction, ironically, tends to be about people losing their minds in enclosed spaces, usually apartments, so this is very close to home for me. Check back in a few weeks to see if I’m eating the wallpaper and opening black holes into the abyss.

I’m washing my hands.