Plague Diaries #5

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Thursday. It was another nice day, very sunny, very clear skies. We took a walk in the park nearby as our single allocated period of exercise for the day. People behave oddly, although understandably, I suppose. Everyone is very wary of other people. Yes, we’ve to maintain social distance, but people look at you with strange looks, as if they’re trying to find traces of the virus on you, and they take very obvious detours to avoid walking by you. It’s very weird.

I’m continuing to feel better from my flu-bug or whatever, although my throat feels a bit scratchy today, so still not rid of it. Occasionally I cough, but it’s throat-related, not chesty, and not continuous, so I’m probably ok.

The problem with a lockdown diary is that nothing happens. This is a diary of a mundane existance. I’m sorry I’m not losing my shit, or going insane, rattling around in this flat. I’m sorry this isn’t more interesting. This is merely a record of each day. A notch of a life in statis, I suppose.

I’m currently working on a writing project with a deadline and making good progress. I think. Who knows. I always think my stuff is crap. Hopefully this will see the light of day.

There was at least one interesting surprise today, in the form of two new albums from Nine Inch Nails, probably one of my favourite musical projects. I had hoped there would be more in the Ghosts series, and now we have two. Reznor and Ross don’t waste any time. I’ve only had time to listen to them each once, but I’ve been pretty impressed. Clearly their soundtrack work is informing their regular music a lot, and that comes through here, although saying that, Ghosts was always meant to be soundtracks for films that didn’t exist, so I don’t think it’s a criticism people could legitimately throw. That they’ve been able to put these two records together, in what appears to be a pretty short period, is quite something. 90s Reznor would have taken a decade.

Also, yesterday, which I forgot to mention, there was a new Lingua Ignota single. Kristin Hayter is amazing. Caligula is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard in years, and this new single is no disappointment at all. I really can’t wait to hear more from this project, as the work she’s been doing with The Body and Sightless Pit is just fantastic.

So amongst all this isolation and disease, there is new art. Let’s all try and create something fresh and new. We owe to ourselves.

I’m washing my hands.