Plague Diaries #7

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Saturday. It’s Francesca’s birthday today. What a time for a birthday. And it’s not been just the whole pandemic and lockdown thing either, but the weather today has been shitty – all wind and rain. Still, we made the best of it, and hung out all day, playing some video games, and watching Zardoz, one of her favourite films. She has a thing for the much maligned work of director John Boorman, who is probably best known for directing Deliverance, but who is also responsible for The Exorcist 2, Excaliber, and Sean Connery running around Ireland in an orange nappy. They are great films though – completely bonkers in a way that you have to just admire. People give them shit for being weird, or silly, or because The Exorcist 2 doesn’t show enough “respect” for the original – like who cares? Boorman is a man with a unique vision, and I completely respect that. And his films are just mental.

I must have had another bad night because I’ve been struggling to stay awake all day. I fell asleep several times while watch television, and then again during Zardoz. Also my left ear is blocked and it feels like I’m underwater. Seriously, I feel like this diary is just a series of complaints about my health.

I have avoided most news coverage today though, which I consider a bonus right now. All we can do is wait this out, I suppose. Those around me are all safe and well. We have food. So can’t complain.

I’m washing my hands.