Plague Diaries #8

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Sunday. I think. It’s getting pretty hard to remember what day of the week it is now. There is no weekend anymore, not really. Tomorrow I have work, but that just means crawling out of bed to my desk at 8am…ish. Not the same kind of challenge as my usual 5.45am start.

It seems redundant to say that we stayed in today. But we didn’t go out for a walk or anything either. I did go out for some supplies, and actually managed to find toilet roll, which is kind of incredible at the moment, especially since I found it in the small store across the street. I suppose most of the hoarders have done all the hoarding. I hope so. Maybe people are starting to calm down, accept this is going to be for a while, and those who’ve stocked up are no longer trawling around for every last scrap, allowing some of us to actually grab a tin of baked beans.

Speaking of the extent of this, today I read on the BBC News site that this could last about 13 weeks. The Scottish Government are at least saying that, and I get most of my sensible news from them. So it could be June before this eases, up and even then, who knows? It’s concerning, for sure. It makes me think about all those conspiracy films or books I’ve seen and read, where a right wing government takes advantage of some disaster to bring in “emergency legislation” and it ends up lasting beyond those initial events. Given the form of the people running this country, and others, I worry we could be looking at some kind of major shift. And we thought Brexit, Trump, Boris, was the worst that could happen.

It’s hard to plan any kind of future right now. I’m actually saving a lot of money because I don’t have to commute to Leeds for work, and in any other situation, that would be great – I’d want to get some records I’ve always wanted, or things I’ve not been able to afford. But right now, there’s no point or no change of things like that being delivered. And so I can save it, which is great, but what’s coming is so uncertain I find myself wondering what I’m saving for. And that’s probably me being pessimistic, but that’s my way. I’ve wanted to move for a while, we need a bigger apartment or a house, but at the moment, that’s impossible. And who knows when it will be.

So all we can do is stay inside, stay safe, and watch movies. Today it was Dolemite Is My Name. We’d seen it before, but wanted another viewing. It’s a great film, one of Eddie Murphy’s best – funny, sweet, sentimental in the right way, and respectful of the source material. It’s criminal he wasn’t acknolwedged in major awards, but it’s not surprising.

This blog may end up being more music and film opinion than anything else. Who wants to read about how shit everything is?

I’m washing my hands.