Plague Diaries #10

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Tuesday. Sick today. Spent a good chunk of the day asleep.

There’s a bit of talk in the media that things might be improving here, that maybe the lockdown is starting to work and results are appearing in the figures. Who knows. Fluctuations are bound to happen, I suppose. My father seem to see it as some wave of disease that is encroaching on us from the south, and as we’re in the north of England, it’s still to reach us properly. Maybe he’s right.

Francesca did some shopping today because I was too sick to go out, and the shops actually had most of what we needed, so that side of things at least does appear continue to improve.

I find myself continuing to return to the same theme of late: what next? I see a lot of people talking in varying degrees of positivity about how this is either destroying capitalism, or leading us to a more social democratic world. I think they’re kidding themselves. I see a great rollback on things once this is over. I see a clawing back of what has been surrendered. All the money currently being plouged into our economy isn’t for our benefit – it’s to keep businesses afloat, to keep capitalism afloat, and to keep us capable of working for it. If we all die, they’re fucked, and they know it. So once the virus is “beaten” – whatever the fuck that means – the powers that be will have to pay back what they are inevitably borrowing right now. A lot of debt is being run up, and guess who’s being used as collateral.

If anything is going to change, it’s going to take people fighting for it, refusing to surrender it. We don’t have a great track record of resistance in the UK, so you’ll forgive me if I balk at the idea that social democratic principles are on their way back.

Or maybe I’m just tired and sick and depressed and fed up of the sound of my keyboard.

I’m washing my hands.